Why IV therapy?

When taking nutrients/vitamins orally they are incompletely absorbed and have to pass through the digestive tract, where half the nutrients are lost thereby decreasing their efficacy.

IV therapy allows minerals/vitamins/and nutrients to enter directly into the bloodstream, bypass the digestive tract and liver resulting in NO loss of nutrients. They are completely absorbed and go straight to wherever your body needs them.

Benefits of IV therapy include improved overall health and mood. With a 100% absorption they can relieve a variety of problems including:

  • migraines
  • dehydration
  • hangover symptoms
  • cold and flu
  • damaged/dry skin
  • stress/fatigue
  • weight loss
  • weak immune system
  • enhance sport performance
  • memory issues

Try one of our Boost shots!

After Party
Recovery aid after an evening of parting

Revive and Reset
Cold or flu got to you this Iv will help is a speedy recovery so you are back on your feet in no time

Sparkle and Glow
This is the fountain of youth! This anti aging infusion restores a youthful glow to your skin, minimizes wrinkles and age spots

Relax, Release and Renew
Stressed? No Energy? This combination of vitamins will be sure to put a little pep in your step!

Rejuvenate & Regenerate
This sport performance will aid in muscle recovery, fatigue and muscle growth. Loaded with all the essential amino acids for your training

Immunity booster! Keep your immune system fired up to help fight illness and disease

Dehydrated from long time out in heat or just not getting enough fluids this IV will re hydrate you back to normal